Ten Frame

Five Frame

Greater or Lesser Balloon Pop

Count Tally Marks

Sort By Color

Patterns and Shapes for 5K



Listen to books on Starfall. Open book and click on words to hear them being read.

KASD library. Tumblebooks, PebbleGo, and more!


Phonological Awareness

Match picture to sounds.

Spell three-letter words.

Letters, numbers, shapes and colors.

Word Work

Sort word families.

Listen to clues to guess what's in the bag.

Work with word beginning/ ending sounds in Starfall. 


Life cycle of plants.

Oceans, jungle, farm animals.

Explore animals, plants, food, seasons and the five senses.

Explore science topics with your favorite PBS characters.

Six different science activities/experiments--plants, materials, push & pull, etc.

Seasonal &Other

Nick Jr. games.

Games and activities.

Games and activities.


Practice your keyboarding skills. 

Practice using the mouse.

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