Many Content Areas

Books and Games at FunGame


Brain Pop Jr



Screen Actors Guild members read children's books aloud.

Listen to books on Starfall. Open book and click on words to hear them being read.




KASD library. TumbleBooks, PebbleGo, and more!



eBooks!Students need a classroom code to access site. 

Word Work

Help Clifford match sounds with letters.

Help Word Girl finish her story. Pick the correct word to end her story.


Bridges Workplace Manipulatives

Cool Math Games

Counting, Matching, Ordering

Count the tally marks.

Counting and addition games.

Counting animals.


 Artsonia--an online art museum. A display of students' art projects.




Social Studies/Science

Wisconsin for Kids

Presidents for Kids

Kid President

Learn about all kinds of animals and insects. 



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