A collection of audio book files.  





Screen Actors Guild members read children's books aloud.


 Listen to books on Starfall. Open book and click on words to hear them being read.




KASD library. TumbleBooks, PebbleGo, and more!



Highlights Kids. Stories, articles, and more! 

Visit Seussville or read more about Dr. Seuss. 



Word Work

Move the frog to match antonyms, synonyms or homonyms.

Choose the right letter to help dog spell words. 

Choose the opposite word by moving the robot. Ten questions.

Help Clifford match sounds with letters. 

Word work using vowel blends.


Practice spelling words. Teachers can customize their lists using Spelling City.


Help Word Girl finish her story. Pick the correct word to end her story.



Move the mixed up pieces to set the story straight.

Arthur's Comic Creator PBS


7 Habits of Happy Kids--The Leader in Me


 Rhyming with Frog. PBS Word World.



Artsonia--an online art museum. A display of students' art projects.




My Simon--Cognitive Skills/Memory Game.

Counting, Matching, Ordering

Count the tally marks.

Counting and addition games.
Marble Math Counting

Rescue the oktas. Counting game.

Addition. Slide puzzle piece to correct answer. 

Xtra Math Login Page

Count and find the numbers on the grid.


100 Number Grid. Help owl find his friend in the grid. You will have two tries.

Count the bees. Addition and subtraction practice.

Practice your math facts while you race against others!


Social Studies

Learn about all kinds of animals and insects. 

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