In 5K we use this video from Common Sense Media. The video gives tips about staying safe on the Internet. The video is on the right side of the screen.  

Grade 1


In first grade we watch and discuss this video. Garfield's friend, Nermal, agrees to meet an "Internet" friend. Professor Garfield helps Nermal stay safe online.  

Grade 2 

In second grade we use "Faw Paux's Adventures in the Internet", Faux Paw agrees to meet an "Internet" friend. Students learn not to share personal information on the web.

On the second day we introduce Cyber bullying and students learn what to do (and not do) if they are cyber bullied. We watch "Faux Paw Meets the First Lady".  

Grade 3 

In third grade we watch a story about three pigs who make some big mistakes when they go on the Internet.

On the second day we take a quiz together on Internet safety. Tips and strategies are given after each answer.

Also on the second day we discuss cyber bullying. We complete a cyber bullying lesson from Common Sense Media called "Screen Out the Mean." 

We finish up the unit with this Professor Garfield video about cyber bullying. Nermal receives anonymous messages and Professor Garfield helps him out.

Grade 4 Internet Safety 

On the first day we talk about the Internet and being safe online. We use the  lesson called "Talking Safely Online" from Common Sense Media.

On the second day we go to this website and help Captain Broadband capture a villian and save Safety Land. See how many you can get right!

Grade 4 Cyber Bullying 

On the second day we introduce cyber bullying and use this lesson called "The Power Of Words" from Common Sense Media.

We end the second day talking about texting and how messages can be misinterpreted. Ask you child about the text message, "You're Weird" and why you should "Think Before You Send!"

On the third day we continue with cyber bullying and use the lesson called "Group Think" from Common Sense Media. Ask your child what it means to be an "Upstander."

To end the unit, we show a video about being an "Upstander". We were able to secure the owner's permission to download it but it is no longer on youtube-sorry!  

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